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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

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Abby Rose Designs, Thankful, Grateful, Blessed, Needles and Things

Models stitched over two threads on 32 Ct. Coffee dyed linen or evenweave Stitch Count for "Thankful Grateful Blessed": 129W x 111H. Stitch count for "Thankful for Thy Grace Drum": 176x27. The trim used for this design is #2293 Vintage Chenille by Lady Dot Creates.

Threads Used: 

Sampler:  Drum:
 Gentle Arts  Gentle Arts
 7060 Picnic Basket (DMC869)  7066 Wood Trail (DMC3021)
 7097 Pecan Pie (DMC3031/869)  0511 Country Redwood (DMC221)
 0560 Nutmeg (DMC433)  0110 Dried Thyme (DMC3051
 0190 Forest Glade (DMC937)  Classic Colorworks
 7066 Wood Trail (DMC3021)  170 Colonial Copper (DMC921)
 0510 Cinnamon (DMC781)
 7061 Carmel Corn (DMC612)  
 0511 Country Redwood (DMC221)  
 0110 Dried Thyme (DMC3051)  
 7034 Gingersnap (DMC3826)  
 7064 Toasted Barley (DMC3032)  
 7065 Wrought Iron (DMC310/939)  
 Weeks Dye Works  
 1289 Stepping Stone (DMC3740)  
 Classic Colorworks  
 235 Shabby Sheep (DMC Ecru)

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